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The lamb of Pag has a specific flavour due to the environment in which Pag's indigenous breed, called the pramenka, lives among the sparse karst scree on which various medical herbs (sage, immortelle, etc.) and meagre low grass grows, covered by a salty sediment brought by the northern, bora winds. Sweeping down the slopes of the Velebit massif, the bora plunges into the Velebit Channel and disperses spray from the sea over the island’s surface.

The difference in the quality of Pag lamb compared to any other lamb is due to the time when the lambs are separated from the sheep at an early age. While other lambs are separated when they weight about 15 kg, Pag lambs are separated from the sheep much earlier, so that people can use the milk for the production of the renowned Pag cheese.


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