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Ornithological Reserves

Veliko Blato and Malo Blato are wetlands in the southern part of the Island of Pag. Since marshes are rare on the islands, in 1988 they were placed under protection as ornithological reserves. The area of Veliko Blato is a natural water source that supplies a part of the island of Pag with water,…

Meridian 15°O'E

The 15th meridian east passes through the island of Pag. It is marked by a marble monument placed along an unpaved road leading from the Bošana tract to the Sveti Duh (Holy Spirit) Beach, 5 km from the town of Pag. This is a nice spot where bicycle riders and hikers can enjoy the view.

Caska (Cissa)

This is the territory on the extreme west end of the bay of Pag. It abounds in beautiful beaches. One can refresh in the villages nearby: Caska, Kustici, Zubovici and Metajna. It can be reached by boat or by car. It is approximately seven nautical miles from Pag.


On the road from Pag to Novalja, after having climbed the hairpin bend, to the left, there is the belvedere Vidikovac. A sweeping view of the town is clearly visible from this plateau and many tourists use the occasion for taking photographs. Gradac is next to Vidikovac. There was a settlement of…
kula skrivanat pag izvana

Ruins of fortified walls

The construction of the new fortified town of Pag was completed in the latter half of the 15th century, in line with designs sketched in advance, which makes it a unique monument of urban planning in…
utvrda fortica punta


Near the bridge of Pag (Ljubacka vrata), on the east end of the island are the remains of a former fortress. This was the point of patrolling and controlling the traffic of the ships. According to a…

St. Juraj's peak

St. Juraj's peak is located on a hill to the northwest of the town of Pag. It is easily recognizable from afar, because of a square structure on the top of it. Many historians believe there had been…

The olives of Lun

Lun, the northernmost settlement on the island of Pag, is known for the olive groves that have adorned the specific local landscape for centuries. The groves stretch over 24 hectares of land,…

Pag’s Old Town

Pag’s Old Town developed spontaneously over the Middle Ages thanks to the exploitation of salt, the dominant economic activity on the island. This hilly terrain in the immediate vicinity of the salt…


The cove Slana can be reached by boat or on foot from Barbati. It s located on the northwest part of the island, at the edge of Paška vrata, that is to say, of the entrance to the bay of Pag from the…

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