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Baškotin – A Secret Preserved for Centuries

For centuries the Benedictine Convent of St. Margaret produced a rusk called baškotin. Back in 1540, the nuns acquired their first oven, which they began using to bake various cakes, buns and the baškotin. They invested their efforts into safeguarding their product, which is today entitled to use…

Cheese - Pag's Delicacy

Many catch their breath when Pag cheese is mentioned, and remember the salty taste it leaves on the palate. The renowned and recognised symbol of Pag carries the Croatian Creation label and represents both Pag and Croatia at all EU fairs. The quality starts developing with the first signs of the…
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Lamb - a Renowned and Recognized Delicacy of the Island of Pag

The lamb of Pag has a specific flavour due to the environment in which Pag's indigenous breed, called the pramenka, lives among the sparse karst scree on which various medical herbs (sage, immortelle, etc.) and meagre low grass grows, covered by a salty sediment brought by the northern, bora winds.…

Salt - a Symbol of the Town of Pag

Salt, along with lace, is the white gold of the town of Pag. The production of salt has a 1000-year history thanks to specific natural conditions such as the climate, a high number of sunny days, the winds that blow often, and nonporous soil. The production technology takes advantage of these…

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