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Many catch their breath when Pag cheese is mentioned, and remember the salty taste it leaves on the palate. The renowned and recognised symbol of Pag carries the Croatian Creation label and represents both Pag and Croatia at all EU fairs. The quality starts developing with the first signs of the bora winds on Pag, which rushes down the slopes of the Velebit mountain and disperses a spray of sea water all over the island’s sparse vegetation. The sheep grazing on these salted pastures of medicinal herbs produce milk with a specific flavour and aroma which are preserved in the cheese.

Ever since the early days of cheese production on Pag, the technique has remained the same, with only minor details in its storage altered in line with the latest technologies. Pag cheese may be purchased at various households and dairies on the island that have merged tradition and technology. Mature Pag cheese, aged for a minimum of five months, has a specific, highly piquant flavour and aroma. It is slightly granular so it crumbles and melts in the mouth. Mature cheeses are round, golden or golden-yellow in colour and weigh between 2 and 2½ kg. Pag cheese is served as a specialty with aperitifs or as an hors d’oeuvre, and is always used as an ingredient when preparing various sauces, pasta and other dishes.

Tasting Pag cheese in an inn, someone’s home or as a starter in any restaurant in Pag is highly recommended.


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